Eyal Levi’s Next CreativeLive Class Is “Mastering Metal Songwriting”

Writing riffs isn’t easy. But you know what’s harder? Writing songs. And no, I don’t mean this in a “nothing’s more powerful than a verse/chorus structure if it’s done right” sense. No matter if you write in a more traditional format or use linear A-B-C-D-B-E-etc structures, the struggle is in finding a proper sequence that works as a whole, with a narrative, and not just an assortment of pieces. It’s amazing how even mediocre parts can come together into a powerful whole with the right craft. Of course if you have mastery of the components and the whole, then you will have… mastered metal songwriting.


Luckily for you Eyal Levi, recording engineer at Audiohammer Studios and guitarist for Dååth, is hosting a CreativeLive class on this very subject. And he’s brought along Todd Jones from Nails and Terror, and John Browne of Monuments, to aid him in schooling you in songcraft. Sound appealing? Well you can watch it live on June 17th – 18th, or get anytime access for the low, low sum of $49. Either way, register at this site.

I think it’s worth checking out for the teaser video alone. I feel so pumped up for a comeback, or possibly vengeance. Either way, there’ll be hell to pay, and I’ll be paying hell far more than $49.

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