All Hail the Yeti took some time out of their “Return to Roots” tour with Max and Iggor Cavalera to show us the gear they’ve been using live. Guitarist Alan Stokes, bassist Nicholas Diltz, and drummer Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz all gave a quick rundown of the tools they use to make cool noise.


A clean, modest setup that sounds tits is an enviable thing. As fun as it is to horde equipment and build pedal boards that could make Omar Rodriguez-Lopez weep, an amp and a couple stompboxes are truly all you need to rip, as All Hail the Yeti demonstrate here.

Alan Stokes runs a pair of Mesa Dual Rectifiers with delay and wah as his only effects. And while it’s not necessarily the easiest to fap to Schecter, his relic’d Blackjack looks fantastic. I really dig the vintage vibe he was going for with it, but I have a fetish for old, haggard Les Paul Customs, so… Nicholas Diltz runs a similarly simple setup with a Schecter Jazz bass into an Orange AD 200.

And last but not least, drum talk is a bit beyond me. If you’re a drummer yourself you can probably make sense of Ryan’s rig. Check it.

If this edition of Rigged is the first you’ve heard of them, be sure to give ‘em a shot. All Hail the Yeti put out Screams from a Black Wilderness earlier this year, so give it a go!

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