HIDEOUS DIVINITY Unleash Everything They’ve Got In This Exclusive Bass Playthrough of “Deleuzean Centuries”

Hailing all the way from Rome, Italian metal act Hideous Divinity have just dropped an absolutely disgusting new bass playthrough for their song “Deleuzean Centuries” off their last record Simulacrum featuring bassist Stefano Franceschini. Make sure you’re sitting down first, then check it out!


If you’re familiar with the work of Hideous Divinity, you know that they do not hold back, and this playthrough does a great job of showing off their relentless tech death style. Between the blazing basslines that Stefano provides with ease and the ridiculous machine-like drumming of Giulio Galati, “Deleuzean Centuries” is bound to have you headbanging and/or windmilling in no time at all.

About the track and gear, here’s what Stefano had to say:

“‘Deleuzean Centuries’ is the perfect trait d’union track between ‘Adveniens’ and ‘Simulacrum’ — straightforward, indirectly quoting some rhythmic shapes that were fairly typical in our previous album, especially the very first section of the song; I would refer to it as the intro riff, before the second, main riff kicks in. Bass-wise I particularly like the arpeggio section (the 3/4 + 6/4 triplet one) which repeats 4 times, and the slap chops I do toward the end of the song. It’s probably one of my top 3 tracks from our last album and a perfect opener for a show.

As far as my gear is concerned, I’m playing my signature Valenti Bass, and I use a series of pedals linked this way: Mooer “Radar” cab simulator; Darkglass B7K Ultra V2, Darkglass Alpha Omicron, EBS Multicomp compressor, Boss NS-2.”

Be sure to follow Hideous Divinity on Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to stream Simulacrum here.

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