Hideous Divinity’s “Sinister and Demented” Go Together Like Ebony and Ivory

Divinity may well be hideous, but then anything looks homely when compared to the handsome mug that greets me in the mirror every day. Seriously, if you haven’t yet mystically ensnared the soul of an attractive coffee cup and cursed it to dwell inside your bedroom mirror, where it must say “good morning” to you with each passing sunrise or suffer perpetual torment, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Oh, right, bass. Ever since Hideous Divinity ensnared a soul of their own, and utilized Stefano Franceschini for their dark purposes, the quality of their bass work has been godlike. I have no need to praise the band’s dark works myself; that’s what YouTube was invented for. So feast your gluttonous eyes and ears upon this playthrough of “Sinister and Demented,” a track off of the Hideous Divinity’s just-released Cobra Verde (it’s a bit less spicy than Cobra Rojo).

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Chris Alfano has written about music and toured in bands since print magazines and mp3.com were popular. Once in high-school he hacked a friend's QBasic stick figure fighting game to add a chiptune metal soundtrack. Random attractive people still give him high-fives about that.

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