ANGEL VIVALDI Shows Off Some Fancy Legato Tapping Riffage In This Mini Lesson


Angel Vivaldi is easily one of the more glamourous guitarists out there today. He’s got a stylish wardrobe, impressive hairdo, and a glitzy guitar to match. His playing is no different: the dude can absolutely shred!

I had the pleasure of seeing him on tour with Intervals and man, was that a treat. Angel is a pleasure to watch and I’ve never been so ashamed of my own playing. Good thing he does lessons!

In this Guitar World lesson, he demonstrates on his prototype signature Charvel guitar how he uses tapping in the song “A Martian Winter” off of Universal Language. He explains how he layers melodies together with his left and right hands to create something more complex sounding. No pick needed!

Check out Angel’s latest album Synapse!

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