ADRENALINE MOB’S Mike Orlando Explores Finger Lickin’ Chicken-Pickin’ In This Lick Lesson


In the never-ending quest for metal guitarists to play faster and heavier, we’ve seen young shredders mastering sweep picking, economy picking, and two-handed tapping. To be honest, it does get boring listening to everyone trying to out-shred each other. Guitar solos blend together and bands end up sounding almost identical because of their unimaginative guitarists.

Where’s the flavor? Let’s think outside the box!

Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob teaches us how he uses chicken pickin’ in the song “Burn” off of Atomic Stomp II. He’s been utilizing the technique in his column in Guitar World “Mob Rules.” For the uninitiated, chicken pickin’ is the alternation of using a pick for the down-stroke and catching the up-stroke with your finger right after. This achieves a really unique clucking sound; hence the name.

I really want to hear chicken pickin’ guitar solos from you 8 string kids out there. Make it happen!

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