Never Got a Chance to See Cynic with Sean Malone on Bass? Here He Is Playing Through “Veil of Maya”

Sean Malone doesn’t tour with Cynic, although he’s played bass on all 3 of the band’s full-length records and the Carbon-Based Anatomy EP. It’s of course completely understandable that the touring life isn’t for everyone, but with playing of his caliber it’s such a shame that you’ve likely never had a chance to see Malone perform with the band that made him the bass hero to many a progressive metal low-end nerd. Unless you’re old enough to have caught Cynic in the early 90s, your hope of catching him with the band is slim to nil.


So let’s enjoy the next best thing: Sean Malone at his home studio, sliding his way around an Ibanez Soundgear 5-string fretless (it looks like the SR5005E mentioned on his Wikipedia page) in a playthrough of Cynic’s classic “Veil of Maya,” from the Focus album.

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  • This is great!
    I remember him saying at the Cynic forum that he may play some dates with Cynic later this year

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