Dutch symphonic metallers, Epica, went over their 2016 North American touring rigs with Gear Gods at their recent show in Los Angeles. This is an awesome full-band rundown (drums, keyboards, you name it), so if you’ve been looking for a gear fix or just really dig Epica, you’ll appreciate this one.


Some of the highlights include guitarist Isaac Delahaye’s 7-string Gibson Les Paul. His has got the iconic tobacco burst finish, but you know, with an extra string. It’s a unicorn, for sure. Maybe I just don’t get out much, but I’ve actually never even seen one before. Regarding the aforementioned keyboard rundown, Coen Janssen’s set-up is pretty wild. He has an ergonomic, U-shaped MIDI controller that you strap to yourself like a baby holder, and a track-mounted keyboard stand for ultimate shred mobility. And bassist Rob van der Loo is rocking a trio of classy-as-fuck Dingwalls that have actually given me bass GAS for the first time like, ever. Viewer be warned in case you didn’t already know: Dingwalls are just A+ in the looks department, man.

As always, you can stay up-to-date with everything Epica on their official website. Their North American tour is winding down, but there’re still several opportunities to catch them if they’re coming through your area.

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