Shredneck Released Some Travel Basses that You Can Use on Your Soul-Searching Motorcycle Sojourn

Finally, nothing can stop you from living Robert M. Pirsig’s dream of traversing the great expanse of highways with nothing but a motorcycle, a bag, and a dream… and a 5/8ths scale bass. I know you’ve thought about it before, but how was anyone to know that you’re not just any traveler with a deep existential crisis, but also one with a deep groove? So wait til they see that tiny bass strapped to the luggage rack, or maybe sitting in the side car like you sit in the pocket?


Who solved this little problem for you? Shredneck. For $229 you can get their little yet functional Z-Series travel bass in black or “Mystic Red,” with a “Pearl White” pickguard for extra class. Now all you have to decide is what lines you’re going to groove on that keep your chops up, and yet scream “self-actualizing road trip.” How about “Holy Driver”? Or maybe “The State Trooper”? Perhaps Cannibal Corpse’s classic “18-Wheel Big Rig Smashed Face”?

Here’s the specs on the bass:

  • Bass Size:    5/8
  • Body:    Nato
  • Neck:    Maple
  • Fretboard:    Rosewood
  • Frets:    24
  • Pickups:    PJ
  • Controls:    Volume, Tone
  • Hardware:    Chrome
  • Finishes:    Black, Mystic Red
  • Pickguard:    White Pearl

Source: No Treble

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