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This kickstarter tries to forge a new standard. But at these prices, are you getting alloyed, or does the value

Of course it’s cold. Look at the picture. It doesn’t have any clothes yet.

If you like charts then do we ever have the news post for you!

The man carries himself with a confidant swagger that makes me want to buy cigars and/or bourbon.

Forgive me if I get excited about some new options for bassists who prefer valves over solid-state.

Unfortunately the band doesn't cover mediocre '90s Rush songs like I had hoped.

Who would win in a fight, Axe-FX or an Imperial Star Destroyer?

Nope. We're not going to make any "Trapped Under Ice" puns. Too easy.

In keeping with our website's goals we are obliged to provide a rig rundown for the gear in Phil's video.

This pedal was nominated for "Best Picture" at the 1992 Academy Awards.

But we've put in the time to squeeze out any info we could regarding the band's GodCity sessions.

Exclusive performance jams in less time than it takes to cook a Pop Tart.

Shouldn't it be either "Rain Drinker" or "Ice Eater," or maybe "Snow Eater" at least?

If your pedals need 12v power or you need to bring your board across the Atlantic, this may be what

Premier Guitar interviewed Russian Circles about the band's recording setup.