Exclusive In-Studio Playthrough: Dethlehem Blast the Way Up the “Dark Tower”

I’ve got bad news for those of you who prefer not to see the chinks in the armor of a fabricated fictional reality: Dethlehem didn’t track Destroyers of the Realm clad in full chain-mail. I know, I know, it’s like discovering that the dudes in Portal wear ankle socks, or the nameless ghouls of Ghost throw back PBR while playing air hockey. Well, either of those things may be true as well. And our nation mourns.


Nevertheless, the last time Gear Gods featured Dethlehem you probably noticed that, impressive medieval war regalia aside, those dudes have some chops. The self-proclaimed “melodic-RPG-death metal” Ax Battlers and Gilius Thunderheads Drum Warriors meld all that is modern with a musical sensibility from the days of three sound channels (plus a fourth for noise and percussion). Naturally the band members who deal out the notes tend to garner the attention, but Overlord Brom, (a.k.a. J.T. Penderville and man I can see why he uses an alias for his RPG metal band because his real name sounds more like the villain from Matlock than Lunar or Ultima) tears it up on the kit.

So here’s the Overlord himself, in-studio, recording “Dark Tower” from the band’s aforementioned full-length. You pick it up for the price of your choosing at Dethlehem’s Bandcamp page, and follow the band at this location.

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