Dethlehem Presents the Most Seasonal Rigged/Weekly Riff Feature of the… Season

Seriously, it’s mid-December. How could I turn down a rigged feature on a band called Dethlehem? The self-described “Melodic-RPG-Death-Metal” band’s members are no mere NPCs. They’ve leveled up the materia in their gem slots to unlock every tapping sweep on their skill trees.


The band’s new record, Destroyers of the Realm, sets fire to their hometown on January 6th. But since at least one musician will likely come down with a case of temporary amnesia after that event you should probably take it upon yourself to learn this solo from the band’s lead guitarist, Bovice. Afterwards you can enter his home and casually loot all of the items in his rig, which can be found below. Don’t forget to re-enter his house during the flashback sequence so you can grab one of the 12 pieces of his ultimate weapon.

Destroyers of the Realm can be preordered at Dethlehem’s Bandcamp page.

Hails! Bovice here, from RPG Metal band, Dethlehem! A lot of you have been asking what kind of weapons I use on stage, so I figured I’d give you a peek inside my armory. Being a member of Dethlehem is not easy. We live under constant threat of attack. Trolls, goblins, orcs, dragons, maidens, etc… We must always be ready for battle, even when we play live. A guitar rig that provides me with an epic sound is vital.


Firstly, my role in the band is obviously my good looks and ability to solo. I’m pushing 20-25 charisma points, easily. Wisdom and Intelligence is something I leave up to the OTHER warriors in the band. So, when I picked my amp, the Egnater Armageddon, I chose it on name alone. It sounded badass. Luckily, it also provided a killer crunch and has a great metal tone.


To give my Egnater Armageddon a little bit of a boost on the crunch and bite, I also use a Maxon OD808 Overdrive pedal. Turn this thing on, and you’d think you were the Dovahkiin in Skyrim. Dragons be fallin’ out of the skies to hear you shred!


As previously stated, Dethlehem likes to provide a wall of epic sound, so you obviously need some good delay on your lead channel… how else will I keep the maidens subdued? I use a Lexicon MPX100 as it provides anywhere from EPIC levels of delay to INSANE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING levels of delay.


I like to keep my rig fairly simple, so you won’t find me using a huge pedalboard. The Armageddon provides 3 channels, which is perfect for what we do. I throw it all in a live in head case with a Furman power conditioner, wireless system, and a rackmount tuner.


My axe of choice is a Schecter Hellraiser, for now. I’ll be looking to upgrade once I level-up, as I’m only a few XP away. I’d like to speak with a few guitar blacksmiths and potentially get something of the legendary or rare item variety.


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