You’re Doom Fuzz Pedal Assaults You with Brutal Tone, Ironic Grammar

3Leaf just released this You’re Doom fuzz pedal, because why not bait people into correcting your grammar while they check out your pedalboard? But dude, they’ve got it wrong. The script is flipped and they don’t even know it. This pedal isn’t your doom. It’s their doom… You are doom.


Personally I would have reserved that name for a bad ass high-gain distortion pedal. There’s something about a fuzz that’s kind of fun, instead of brutal. Maybe it’s because they’re better suited for single notes. Still, from the clips 3Leaf released sound pretty cool. The bulk of the fuzz pedals that do the 8-bit thing tend to have a lot of crazy random noise mixed in with the notes, but there’s a real clarity what I’m hearing. They also advertise a full frequency range, and on top of that there’s a blend knob, so You’re Doom should be great for bass.

One more thing: the You’re Doom has a feature that EVERY true bypass should rip off. If it loses power, due to a dead battery or unplugged DC cable, it will automatically switch itself to bypass mode. Did 3Lead devise this brilliant innovation all by their lonesome? I hope not, but I literally have never seen this feature before in a true bypass pedal that has a mechanical switch. If you know of other stompboxes that do the same, please point me towards them in the comments. I will buy all of them.

Source: No Treble

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