Fender Releases New Dimension Basses, Which Are 1 Fret Better

Fender have taken their bass design back to the drawing board for the first time in ages and the result is the new Dimension line.  These new Ash basses (Alder for the black finish) have maple necks and graphite truss rods. And they kind of look a little like Music Man Stingrays, huh?


The couple changes that stood out upon first glance are the beefy bridge and large humbucker, neither of which are what I’m accustomed to seeing on a Fender. Also, finally, more than 20 frets!

All of these basses are active, and have an 18v preamp and 3-band eq built in. The American Deluxe models look to be retailing for around $1800, and the regular Deluxe (yes, everything is Deluxe) are selling for about a grand less.

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  • These look pretty cool but I really want my bassist to have less frets… don’t want them getting to carried away and start stealing my glory.

    • This genuinely made me lol.

  • I hate exposed poles on pickups, you always end up smacking the strings into em (playing with fingers) and getting that awful clacking sound.

  • I wish fender would start doing 6 string bass, real bass not the guitar hybrid.

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