The Weekly Riff: “Decayer” by Pray for Sound Guitarist Bruce Malley

The guys in Pray for Sound are into layers. No, not in their hair, and I’m assuming not in their cakes. But guitars? They have a lot: enough that three guitarists are put to use in the band’s lineup. So how exactly does a band like Pray for Sound approach a Weekly Riff feature? Would a mere single guitarist’s parts be the riff? Or is the riff an amalgam of all of its components?


Well, it seems to be the latter. Bruce Malley painstakingly made a video showing us how to play not just his own notes in “Decayer” but those of his bandmates as well. And he included tab, because he’s cool like that.

So take in the many, many notes of the video below and then go preorder the recording that these riffs can be found on, Dreamer. It wakes up on November 18th via Science of Silence. Head to their label for the vinyl, or the band’s website if you’re the CD or digital download-only type.

Download the tab as: PDFGuitar Propray-for-sound-decayer-tab-weekly-riff

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