FRESH RIFFS: This Exclusive Guitar And Bass Playthrough From TOOTHLESS Will Make You A “Grinner”

I am so stoked on this band. Formed in 2015, TOOTHLESS is a chaotic metalcore band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. These dudes are talented AF with big dick energy and play TIGHT. In a way, I get strong Norma Jean-meets-Dillinger Escape Plan vibes. “Grinner” is a short but sweet shredder of a song with an outro groove SO tasty, it’ll make you reconsider your last 5-star rating you gave on Yelp. Their EP Misinformed comes out May 5th.


From the band:

“Grinner” was written to be the climax of the EP. We wanted it to be total chaos until the very end where we groove out into the introduction to “Timeline: Eroded”.

Misinformed serves as a stepping stone of where the band is headed sonically. Chock-full of odd time signatures without getting too stuffy, biting vocals, outrageous drumming, and pummeling hooks, the EP focuses on the current obsession with anti-intellectualism and the weaponizing of disinformation in the modern age. And guess what! Music video time:


Travis Antoniello – Vocals
Eric Novroski – Bass / Vocals
Brian Zannetti – Guitar
James Slattery – Drums

Check out the band’s website to support them! As always, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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