Wireless Pedalboard Power! The MISSION ENGINEERING 529 USB Power Converter


Anyone who’s ever toured internationally will tell you that power is a major problem. Aside from venues anywhere having unreliable, dirty, and/or just shitty and potentially dangerous power, figuring out converters and voltage and everything from country to country is just not ideal. It’s complicated, it’s a hassle – it’s something you don’t want to have to deal with in addition to the stress of touring.

What if you could eliminate that stress from one area of your life – your pedalboard! Mission Engineering has a new pedalboard USB power converter called the 529, and it’ll take a typical USB power bank and turn it into a power supply for 5 pedals (you can also daisy chain them to get more inputs). This accomplishes several things – isolating your power supply from the venue power eliminates ground loops, hum, buzzing, etc.; it eliminates your dependency on anyone or anything else for power; and it’s a lovely shade of blue.

For more info on the 529, check out Mission Engineering online.

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