Carvin’s Vanquish Basses Have Come to, uh, Exterminate Other Basses

How does one reinvent an instrument? We’ve certainly seen some oddball takes on the guitar, and some innovations in the field of drumming. But Carvin’s Vanquish basses? The company calls them a “radical departure from traditional bass guitars,” but, well, I suppose the body’s shape is somewhat distinctive.


Otherwise there’s plenty of nice features, but nothing that makes my jaw drop while I attempt to scream “holy crap, they did what?” but can’t because I no longer have a bottom jaw. The Vanquish series features an alder body, tung oil maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. The 5-bolt neck and 18v preamp are cool, and I can get behind 24-frets. But yeah, nice, yet I don’t see anything earth shattering.

For more info and specs, head over to Carvin’s website. What do you guys think of that wood binding on the top of the body?


Source: No Treble

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