Tool’s Danny Carey Smashes and Bashes in Vintage Playthroughs

Even though their name spawns about as much hate as Nickelback these days (even from their own lead singer – I’m incredulous that a musician would refer to his own fans as “insufferable retards” although I’m glad he did because it’s one of the funniest things anyone in metal has done this year), Tool drummer Danny Carey’s name is pretty unfuckwithable. An influence on a number of modern metal drummers, including guys like Brann Dailor, Carey probably deserves a place in the hall of fame of great metal drummers.


Since Tool is a pretty quiet band, fresh content related to them can be hard to come by. So I was surprised to see a few drum cams pop up on YouTube, some pretty low-res recordings from around 2002, of the songs “H” and “Parabola.” Check em out below:

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