A Swedish Website Posted a Few In-Flames Studio Videos (updated)

*Addendum. It turns out that my source was wrong and Aftonbladet, the newspaper/website that posted the In Flames videos, is Swedish, not German like I had originally posted (which makes a lot more sense since In Flames are Swedish). My bad. I should have double checked. On the plus side, look at how In Flames brings speakers of all languages together in minor third harmony.


The German website (and newspaper?) Aftonbladet just produced this two part in-studio report of In Flames, and the tracking of their new record. This is one of those times when I lament the shoddy foreign-language program in my high-school, because I’d love to know what everyone is saying. And that “hjälp” button is of very little help, I have to say.

Still, you don’t need to sprechen sie deutsch to oggle at a recording studio that you’d murder your sick uncle for the chance to record at (he only had a few months left anyway–it was for the greater good). Berlin’s Hansa Studio was the recording site of some classic albums by David Bowie, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, U2, Killing Joke, and a Tangerine Dream… what, no one else but me gets excited about Tangerine Dream records?

Besides the usual beautiful, expansive live rooms and mic’d new and vintage amplifiers, it seems that… congas will be used on In Flames’ new album. I’m suddenly more curious about how this LP will turn out. The latter, longer video is the easier watch for non-German speakers. Less interview, more studio view.

This forthcoming In Flames album is set to ignite in early 2014.

Source: Aftonbladet

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