Random Gear Destination: Fliptops, Home of Obscure Ampeg Parts

Sometimes you randomly find yourself the owner of a vintage 70s bass amp, or  in my case a vintage 80s reissue of an even more vintage 70s bass amp (mental note: do a post about that amp run). Inevitably the next sequence in this chain of events is that some stupid, miniscule, seemingly unimportant component will explode in the tiniest wisp of gray smoke. Suddenly that innocuous, mild-mannered fuse cap or capacitor is now the most important thing in the world, assuming you’re the kind of player that prefers their amps “working,” and not “not working.” You’re not alone buddy.


In your, situation, which was also my situation (see the aforementioned “you’re not alone”), Fliptops is a godsend. It’s the spot for obscure SVT components (I’ve ranted about the lack of quality tube bass heads, and the resulting legion of still-in-use 70s amps), but there’s also a plethora of Hiwatt, Vox, Fender, etc parts as well.

So if you’re old and crusty like me, or just like your gear old and crusty (like me), and you also like to repair your amp when it breaks instead of setting it on fire or maybe using it as a sled (seriously, you haven’t sledded unless you’ve done it in the hollowed shell of a Fender Twin), you’ll probably find yourself at Fliptops eventually.

Now to find a tech to install this new fuse holder…

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