Exclusive Playthrough: Bloodtruth “Surrounded by Blind Bigots”

There’s something to be said for making things look easy. Wait; let me rephrase that. You could know fuck all about playing an instrument and it would still be obvious that nothing happening in Bloodtruth‘s “Surrounded by Blind Bigots” playthrough is easy. The word I’m looking for is “effortless.” Guitarist Stefano Rossi Ciucci in particular looks like he’s waiting for a bus. He seems vaguely aware of the guitar on his knee, and would likely be surprised that it’s his hands flying around at light speed on that fretboard. I suppose that drummer Giacomo Torti can probably tell that his legs are flailing around to pull of that heel/toe double kick wizard shit he has going on, but he doesn’t seem particularly winded by it.


As far as I understand it Bloodtruth began as a side project of Fleshgod Apocalypse members Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi, yet the band now features neither of those musicians. Still, it seems that the connection between the two bands remains firmly tethered, because Bloodtruth’s forthcoming LP Obedience was engineered by Paoli and another of his Fleshgod bandmates Cristiano Trionfera, and the mixing duties were handled by Stefano Morabito, who has done his moving-the-faders job for not only Fleshgod Apocalypse but also Hour of Penance, Eyeconoclast, and Inherit Disease. Obedience heeds the call of retail on September 16th in the US and September 19th in Europe, but preorders are available now at Indie Merch. Tour dates are exactly where we’ve instructed them to wait: after the video.

Brutality Over Europe Tour 2014 w/Antropofagus, Devangelic and To Feed Of Flesh

Sept. 12 – Unholy Brutal Fest IV – Luynes, France
Sept. 13 – Monthly Assault – Zug, Switzerland
Sept. 14 – Elfer Club – Frankfurt, Germany
Sept. 15 – 4rooms – Leipzig, Germany
Sept. 16 – Willemeen – Arnhem, Netherlands
Sept. 17 – Antwerp Music City – Antwerp, Belgium
Sept. 18 – La Scène Michelet – Nantes, France
Sept. 19 – NRW Deathfest – Wermelskirchen, Germany
Sept. 20 – Blue Rose – Milano, Italy
Oct. 16 – Urban Club – Perugia, Italy w/Fleshgod Apocalypse
Nov. 28 – Traffic Club – Roma, Italy w/Corpsefucking Art

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