The Dillinger Escape Plan Feature in Short Concert Film

A few weeks back, the Dillinger Escape Plan headlined what will go down as one of the best U.S. tours of the year, bringing along Mutoid Man and Primitive Weapons for the ride. The run was all-too-short, but the shows were great, and it’s rare these days to see a bill that is stacked with nothing but great bands.


The concluding show, at Irving Plaza in New York, was the subject of a short film by Nathaniel Shannon. The clip, comprising backstage footage, warmups, and the actual band performances, is a really nice look into rock shows that despite the infinite amount of content out there these days, you don’t often get to see.

The footage is pretty high-quality, but more importantly, Shannon’s got a great eye. This is particularly evidenced during Dillinger’s set, where with just one camera, he managed to capture the nuances and subtle beauty of the band’s chaos during “Milk Lizard” and “Happiness is a Smile.”

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