RIGGED: ATHANASIA Guitarist Caleb Bingham’s Wall of Marshalls

Check out this humdinger of a rig run-down by founding member Caleb Bingham of classic arena/black/thrash metal trio ATHANASIA. In this RIGGED video for Gear Gods he talks you through his current set up, and it looks pretty damn metal as fuck – even if his guitar is sparkly.


If you are unaware of who ATHANASIA are, their roots stem back to 2004 when Caleb initially started a band while in high school. The band’s early demos were that impressive that they lead to Caleb landing a spot in newly formed Five Finger Death Punch.

He unfortunately didn’t last long and was fired due to his young age. Determined to not let 5FDP rain on his parade (and probably better off) he decided to get his old band back together. The band flirted with Roadrunner Records and label boss/gremlin Monte Connor, but they unfortunately couldn’t get the record out in to the metal world, so again things were put on hold around 2010.

Caleb then had a 4 year long stint in Swedish death metal heroes Zonaria, but bad luck struck again and a leg injury forced him to stop. They do say the third time’s a charm though, and Caleb got his old band back together in order to finally record their first full length output. Entitled The Order of the Silver Compass”, the record is still yet un-released, but it is ready to go. Caleb even has the silver compass itself as seen in the video. Get excited because it looks like things are finally about to take off for ATHANASIA.

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