DANGER! Ibanez Guitars Are Filled with Chaos!

Alright, Ibanez are getting weird now. They just built a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S straight into their guitars. Or more accurately, they built them into two specific guitars: the RGKP6 and the SRKP4. You ingenious code breakers can work out the system behind those letter/number combinations.


It’s not just the ability to totally fuck with your tone via Kaoss Pad that makes these guitars scream “I have come from a dystopian future where there is only electronic music and no amps.” You will also find built-in distortion that can be engaged (even if you’re bypassing the Kaoss Pad) by flipping a toggle switch near the volume knobs, and an 1/8″ headphone jack next to the 1/4″ output. Essentially you have everything you need to plug into your DJ friend’s mixer and jam along with some pulsing EDM.

But I also guarantee that you creative players can find a billion ways to use these tools for good instead of evil. I’m very, very curious to see some of the creative applications for this guitar and bass duo. And hey, Ibanez have a demo video for just that purpose. Give it a watch below, and learn more about the new Kaoss Pad-enabled guitars at the Ibanez website.

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