Watch Alex Rüdinger Drum Through WHITECHAPEL’s New Single “Lost Boy”

Whitechapel will release their new album Kin on October 29. The band recently released their new single “Lost Boy”, and now you can watch drummer Alex Rüdinger crush it behind the kit with our premiere of his brand new playthrough video while you play in top South African online casinos!


Kin is Rüdinger’s second album with Whitechapel, but his first as an official member of the band. Pre-orders for Kin are available here.

“‘Lost Boy’ is one of the more challenging songs from ‘Kin’ to play on drums. It has no shortage of high-tempo blasts & thrash beats (something ‘Chapel is known for every now and then), but also incorporates a much more progressive & dynamic kind of playing (particularly in the bridge). It’s always challenging to try and nail the faster / more technical stuff, while simultaneously trying to play parts that need a bit more feel. It also has some unique turn-arounds & some subtle (but tricky) tempo changes, all of which contribute to its difficulty.

“In terms of writing the drum parts: Everything I came up with in this song (and on the album in general) was inspired by what the other guys were writing. If the music wasn’t there to write drums to, I wouldn’t have that same inspiration to come up with parts. And in this song in particular, the drums were really more of a collaboration – the guys first sent me a skeleton of the song without drums, and I wrote whatever felt right to me.

“Afterward, they showed me their version, with their rough/programmed drums, and we’d go through both together – deciding which parts we felt worked best in context with everything else. A lot of the album was done this way; certain things would change depending on where we wanted a song to go, or what the vocals might be doing. But when everything is finally fully written and learned, that’s when I get to do the fun part – play (as seen in this video)! And it also helps to have some incredibly rad gear, from a bunch of rad companies (also all featured in this video!) – most of which I’ve been fortunate to have already been working with for many, many years.”

Alex Rüdinger

Special thanks to Rüdinger for giving us an incredibly in-depth rundown of his entire drum rig too! Rüdinger uses:

Tama STAR Maple (in Smoky Black) (Diameter by Depth)

  • 10×6.5
  • 12×7
  • 14×11
  • 16×13
  • 18×15
  • 20×16
  • 14×7 John Tempesta Signature Snare (Tama)
  • Tama Signature Alex Rudinger Drumsticks

Tama Hardware (RoadPro & STAR)

  • 1x Speed Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand (HH915D) (Main Hi-Hat)
  • 2x RoadPro Boom Cymbal Stand (HC83BW) (1x w/ Modifications) (Left & Right Chinas)
  • 3x Cymbal Holder Short (CA30EN) & 3x Universal Tilt Clamp (MC67) (Right, Left, & Center Splashes)
  • 1x STAR Double Tom Stand (HTW109W)
  • 2x STAR Boom Stands (HC103BW) (Converted into Straight Stands / Boom Removed) (Left & Right Crashes)
  • 1x RoadPro Straight Stand (HC82W) (Ride Cymbal)
  • 1x RoadPro/STAR Custom-Mod Stand (Far Right Stack)
  • 1x Closed Hi-Hat Attachment (MXA73N) (Modified) (Right Hi-Hat)
  • 1x STAR Snare Stand (HS100W)
  • 1x 1st Chair Glide Rider “Cloth Top” (HT530BCN) Throne (Top Only), Mounted on Roc-N-Soc Standard Base

ACD Darwin ‘FTW’ Bass Drum Pedals (w/ Pearl Quad Beaters)

Meinl Cymbals (from Left to Right, if sitting behind the kit)

  • 18″ Classics Dark China
  • 18″ Byzance Brilliant Medium Crash
  • 14″ Byzance Traditional Medium Hi-Hats
  • 12″ Classics Custom Trash Splash
  • 8″/10″ Generation-X Electro Stack
  • 10″ Classics Custom Extreme Metal Splash
  • 13″ Byzance Traditional Medium Hi-Hats
  • 19″ Byzance Brilliant Medium/Thin Crash
  • 18″ Pure Alloy China
  • 22″ Byzance Heavy Hammered Ride
  • 18″ Artist Concept Thomas Lang Super Stack

Evans Drumheads

  • Snare – Coated UV2 (Batter), SnareSide300 (Reso)
  • Toms – Clear G2’s (Batter), Clear G1’s (Reso)
  • Kick – Clear EQ4 (Batter), Custom Evans ‘INKED’ w/ Whitechapel Design (Reso)

Other Drum Accessories / Electronics

  • OnTrigger (Alex Rudinger Signature Triggers) (Pedal Mounted)
  • 2Box DrumIt3
  • TunerFish Luglocks, Carpet Markers, Cymbal Felts, & Dampening Gels
  • Additional Meinl ‘Drum Honey’ Dampening Gels
  • Tama Standweight (On Snare Stand)


  • iD44 Interface
  • 2x ASP880 Mic Pre’s

Additional Recording Gear

  • BTPA Loom / Cables & Custom Splitter Box
  • Behringer XAir18


  • Shure BETA57 (Snare Top)
  • 3x SM57 (Snare Bottom, Right Hi-Hat)
  • SM7B (Main/Left Hi-Hat)
  • 545L (Mini-Stack / Center Splash)
  • 2x SM81 (Rooms), PG81 (Right Splash)
  • BETA52 (Kick Out)
  • BETA91 (Kick In)
  • Sennheiser 2x MD-421 II (10/12 Rack Toms)
  • AKG 3x D112 Mk.I (14/16/18 Floor Toms)
  • Aston 2x Starlight Condenser (Main Overheads)
  • MXL 990 (Ride), Audix F15 (Left Splash)

Avid ProTools.2018

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