GREEN DRUID Show You The Sludgy, Doomy Goods In This Gear Tour


Hailing all the way from Denver, Colorado, stoner rock/doom metal act Green Druid are truly a force to be reckoned with. Combining elements of sludge, doom, psychedelic, and drone metal, the dudes sure know their way around a 10+minute, deliciously fuzzy song or two. And to show us the magic behind their unique sound, guitarist Graham Zander, bassists Ryan Skates, and guitarist/vocalist Chris Mclaughlin were kind enough to show us the ins and outs of their rigs while in the studio. Check it!

Using a mix of vintage and modern gear, these dudes have all the right parts in place to make their doomy, psychedelic sludge machine function flawlessly. And while these individual rigs may seem pretty simple, the guys understand the sound they want incredibly well, and my God do they achieve it.

If you’ve dug all the doom and gloom behind these rigs, be sure to buy the band’s latest record Ashen Blood on their Bandcamp page (released in 2018 via Earache Records), or just stream it on Spotify (but c’mon, they deserve your money). You can also follow them on Facebook, as well as on Instagram and Twitter (@GreenDruidBand). Stay green!

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