KIESEL GUITARS Release Their First Ever Multiscale Bass

Kiesel Guitars had a cheeky midnight announcement last night where they dropped some brand new multiscale versions of their ‘Vanquish’ bass guitar. They announced both a 4 string (VM49K), and a 5 string (VM59K) model. It marks Kiesel’s first foray into multiscale basses, following on from their successful line of killer multiscale guitars.


Basic specs of the VM49K Vanquish include: 34” – 35.5” (36″ on the low end for the VM59K) scale, 14” radius, 24 frets, alder body, 5-bolt bolt-on neck and a Hipshot bridge.

I dunno about you, but I find fanned fret guitars/basses waaay comfier to play than regular ones..

Bass is one of the toughest instruments to get right in a heavy recording, especially when it comes to steady tuning.

You know the struggle. You have to pick pretty hard to get a good tone, but when you do give the low string a good strike it has a tendency to flop in and out. Like a dick in the wind. Forget about if you’ve lowered the tuning at all (and let’s face it, you definitely have). And if you use the gauge you’re supposed to, you end up feeling like you’re slapping some steel industrial cable.

That’s exactly why these multiscale basses are so awesome. The longer scale on the lower strings allows you to have more stability. So no more wobbly tuning on certain hits. Nor do you have to feel like you’re playing on wire ropes.

And they look pretty sick too.

This matte black version of the bass in these promo pics is perf. It’s a total dark horse shred weapon.

Even though I really can’t afford this right now, I’m still having fun frankenstein-ing all the custom options for the Vanquish VM49K on the ‘Bass Builder’. I wonder how mad my gf would be if I “accidentally” clicked ‘buy’. Pray4me bb.

Check out the VM49K/59k at the Kiesel/Carvin site here.

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