KIESEL GUITARS Unveils Multiscale Vader Guitar

Last Friday, Kiesel Guitars announced the highly anticipated fan fret version of their popular Vader guitar and its availability for pre-orders starting today. The Vaders have been immensely popular (I claim all credit, their sales are obviously a direct result of my review wink emoji) and the clamoring for a multiscale option has apparently not fallen on deaf ears.


According to Jeff Kiesel, there are limited spots available for the introductory price of $1299 (6 string), $1349 (7 string), or $1399 (8 string) – I presume this is for the base model, since obviously you can customize a number of features which will increase the price from there. There doesn’t appear to be a pre-order page on the website so calling in at 858-GUITARS or emailing seems to be the only option for the pre-order.

This video gives you lots of information regarding the guitar, specs, etc. so peep it.

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