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Episode 3 of our in-studio series with the Savage Swedes of Mathcore!

Electro-Harmonix Battalion, reporting for duty sir.

Bald heads, beards, and bass tones: is there anything better?

Here's a dream job opening you won't find on Monster.

Wearing a "Useless" shirt - does he watch Glenn's channel?

Adriano Vilela crushes some deathy thrash on a fretless bass.

Since exiting The Ocean (having played on the band's two finest albums, Pelagial and Heliocentric), guitarist Jonathan Nido and drummer Luc Hess

Ruppert Musical Instruments have added this slick new DI tone station to their Basswitch series.

The NG2 gets a retro Vai-esque swirl and the D-Bird gets a Lamborghini style re-engineering.

It has the same scale length as an upright bass. Quad Damage powerup will cost extra though.