WORMROT – Vijesh Ghariwala Live at Revolver – Drum Cam

What a lovely band name! Wormrot really couldn’t play any other kind of music than fast as hell, massively aggressive grindcore could they? Here’s a drum cam of Vijesh Ghariwala blasting his way through the band’s set, live at Revolver in Taipei, Taiwan from a recent show.


These bad lads come firing straight out of Singapore into your face with some of the fastest, most relentless grind you have ever heard. Drummer Vijesh is literally a blast-beat machine; with an ambient and slow intro, Wormrot lure you into a false sense of security and make everything lovely and nice before getting down to it and hitting you with the sledgehammer which is their trademark grindcore battery. It’s a wonder that Vijesh doesn’t pass out during this set as it is flipping relentless, constant blasting and quick double footwork are all over this guy’s playing. And they need to be, with his band being so demanding in terms of his technical ability and requirements for his playing to fit their songs. In typical grind fashion, their set list rocks in at just over half an hour long, yet is comprised of 31 songs, and the band burst through them like they are in a hurry; it really is a full onslaught.

They recently played the (typically hippy love fest) Glastonbury festival and I would have loved to have seen the look on some people’s faces when these guys took the stage. They are also due to tour Korea and Japan next month, so you cannot fault their persistence and willingness to play wherever they can in order to get their name out there.

Their latest offering Voices was released on Earache Records late last year and you can pick up a package here with some pretty sweet vinyl/long sleeves on offer too.

Here’s a video of their full set while you’re at it:

Both videos were shot by videographer Frank Huang.

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