COGNITIVE Bassist Fretlessly Shreds Up “The Forgotten”


I love me some fretless bass. It’s such a temperamental instrument, and it’s real easy to make sound like the player has no idea what they are doing. But, when played well, it’s something to behold. Enter Ian Bainbridge of tech death group Cognitive and this Gear Gods exclusive playthrough of the song, “The Forgotten”.

Truth be told, it was my first time hearing anything from Cognitive. Somehow, they flew under the radar. But, this playthrough fixed all of my problems for four and a half minutes. It’s a weird thing, hearing fretless bass on a death metal track, but Ian is a craftsman with his instrument and it blends perfectly with the band’s sound. The bass line is moving, it’s melodic, and it manages to keep a voice of it’s own for the whole track, which is something that not a lot of bass players can do as well as Ian can (Be sure to listen close for the best bass line in the world at around the two minute mark).

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with these guys, they make some tasty tunes, and you won’t be disappointed. Check out their most recent released Deformity on their bandcamp, and find out more about them on their Facebook. Also,  stay all the way to the end of the video for a special bonus encore song.

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.