This Bass Playthrough of ARCHSPIRE’s “Relentless Mutation” Will Keep You Going All Week


I feel like we talk about Archspire a lot at Gear Gods. But it’s with good reason. You’re not likely to find a better example of modern tech death metal than these guys. They are at the top of, well, the spire. And we have another example of that with this bass playthrough of “Relentless Mutation” from Jared Smith (He’s in Archspire)!

This video has no fancy editing tricks, no weird camera angles, nothing like that. Just a man and his tool. And he is flying all over this thing, Jared is an extremely active player. He does things on this song that a lot of players could only dream of pulling off (that opening lick is taste nation). I think that’s the best thing about Archspire; they know how good everyone in the band is and they make sure that they make use of everyone’s talent.

Archspire have a new album out called Relentless Mutation, you can find it and grind it on their bandcamp, but you probably already knew that. They also just kicked off the Bloodletting North America XI Tour with a bunch of other thrashy techy bands, find those dates on their Facebook.

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  • Holy shit, that was ridiculous. Sic ass tune, sic ass cd, SIC ASS BAND… great play through.

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