If you know anything about prog rock, you’ve probably heard some good things about the incredible band Karnivool. Their bass player, Jon Stockman, is known for having some of the best bass tones out there, through his use of gear from Darkglass Electronics. And if you know anything about prog metal (and beautiful bearded men), you’ve also probably heard of Adam “Nolly” Getgood, the bass player extraordinaire for the band Periphery. Well, Darkglass just released a video that ties all these topics into one sick little demo: a demonstration of their new Alpha·Omega Overdrive pedal (signature unit of Jon Stockman), performed by the Nollyman himself. Are we dreaming?

In the demo, Nolly conjures up a few different tones through the Alpha·Omega and plays them in the context of a few Periphery jams for the full effect. As Nolly says, “the pedal delivers all manner of gritty, growly, ampy-sounding distortions”, and he sure as hell shows it. He plays through a few sections of the songs “Absolomb”, “The Way The News Goes…” and “Flatline” from the newest Periphery record Periphery III: Select Difficulty. As you can hear from his playing, the Alpha·Omega is dirty and aggressive, but also clear enough to stay out of the mud-zone (nobody wants to go to the mud-zone).

You can read up more on the Alpha·Omega on Darkglass Electronics’ website. If Nolly has sold you on this pedal, you can head to the Darkglass Electronics dealer page and find a seller close to you! Get toned!

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