DAMIAN MURDOCH TRIO Wants YOU to Be Their Next Bass Player!


That’s right, people. The dudes in heavy blues/funk/metal band, the Damian Murdoch Trio, are looking for a third to fill out their namesake. If you think you have what it takes to be the next bassist, the band has announced that they’re currently auditioning for the position. All you have to do is grab your favorite stick in D standard tuning, learn the song snippet above, and send a video of yourself playing it to the band. Oh, and it’d be best if you’re from Berlin, but they’re open to hearing players from all over too. Damian himself is originally from Australia, and the drummer is Austrian, so it’s a global affair.

The audition track is taken from what might be on their next record, so don’t goof. This would be a hell of a gig for just about anybody on the up and up as a professional musician.

If you haven’t heard it, the Damian Murdoch Trio’s first release, Electric Tentacles, can be inspected right here. “Funky Desert Rider” has some especially sick bass grooves they’d probably want you to lock down. Full details on the audition, the group’s contact email, and a download link for the track you need to slay can all be found here.

Best of luck to any hopefuls!

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