THE WEEKLY RIFF: MRS. SMITH Lets The Cat Outta The Bag With “Cat Jam”


In our latest episode of The Weekly Riff, international woman-of-shred Mrs. Smith stopped by to show us how to play a section from her new song “Cat Jam”. The cat’s outta the bag, and the claws are out, as she walks us through some shred-tastic lines from the tune off her debut EP Introducing Mrs. Smith. You can pre-order it digitally and physically here, as well as keep up with her Facebook for all of her wacky adventures!

In case you’re wondering, the backstory to Mrs. Smith is as follows:

“Born in Boston, Massachusetts amidst the upper-class brownstones of Beacon Hill, Mrs. Smith’s life was supposed to proceed along the typical path for her station: from The Windsor School to Wellesley to a stultifying marriage to death. But fate, tragedy, and triumph would intervene and take her on an unexpected journey and make her a mega-star of stage, screen, and social media.

In the 90s, Mrs. Smith was kidnapped and held for ransom by a Norwegian Death Metal band and suffered the Stockholm syndrome. Her plight, barely covered in the media, led her to spend three months locked in a closet with only an electric guitar as a companion of solace. This traumatic life event would fuse her soul with the instrument and give birth to the world’s most unlikely guitar hero.

Mrs. Smith is on an adventure of extreme creative expression that encompasses performance art, music, video, and cats. She invites you to join this journey of grief and rage and if you’ve seen her missing cat Carlyle please help.”

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Senior Editor at Gear Gods living in LA. Just trying to figure this whole music thing out, really.

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