GORGUTS Got Some Pro-Shot Live Footage of “From Wisdom to Hate” in Germany


Canadian tech death lifers, Gorguts, recently wrapped a European tour alongside Havok, Revocation, and Fallujah. Captured here is some sweet pro-shot live footage from Wiesbaden, Germany. “From Wisdom to Hate” is a cut from 2001’s album of the same name and, despite being an older track at this point, it holds its own against more recent flavors of tech/death/prog/what have you. In other words, we’ll be lucky enough to see these death metal dads from ’89 graduate to death metal grandpas in the coming years. Alphas, for sure.

Having just finished both a US and European run over the summer, Gorguts have earned a well-deserved break for now. For pertinent future announcements, though, stop here.

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