Watch DEFORMATORY’s Blistering Playthrough Of “Within the Astral Abcess”

Deformatory guitarist and vocalist Charlie Leduc is here to show you how to play mind-bending riffs, while still looking like you’re having a blast, thanks to his playthrough of “Within the Astral Abcess”. The song is off Deformatory‘s new album Inversion of the Unseen Horizon, which was mixed and mastered by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts) and given artwork by Paul Gerrard (Hellraiser: Origins and Hellboy).


Grab a copy of the album here.

“Within The Astral Abscess is such a fun and relentless song to play. It’s got a little bit of everything tossed into it, mostly because it was written in a single-take jam session,” said Leduc.

“Although not our most technical track and it being absent of a guitar solo, we just felt this song needed a guitar playthrough because of how it makes you feel when playing it. There’s just no stopping the energy that comes through when smashing these riffs out. The unorthodox song structure and variations in the vibe throughough the track makes it a perfect warm-up song and one hell of an album opener.” Perfect for listening to while playing in some online casinos USA, you might say.

For the playthrough, Leduc used an Aristides 060R Custom, Omega Granophyre 100W, Airis Effects Parallel Overdrive, and an Omega Granophyre 4×12 with VM-12 65s.

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