GOD MOTHER’s Max Lindström Might Just Be The Next Great Guitarist

Easily of our favorite albums of the year, God Mother‘s Vilseledd is a tour-de-force of riff wizardry. Guitarist Max Lindström is the kind of raw talent you rarely see in metal and punk music, where stylistic mimicry and technical ideology blind players to the pursuit of aesthetics.


Max has the sonic chops – the tone, the technique, etc – but what makes him special is his wily unpredictability. Though God Mother’s songs are tightly written, he has that Slash-y looseness, as though he’s feeling out the nuances of the licks as he plays them. Not to mention the dude breezes through a lot of really challenging, varied material.

Get a glimpse of Max in action in our second studio diary clip, below. Vilseledd drops in September via Party Smasher Inc.

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