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Our final in-studio clip with Sweden's mathcore elites is also the silliest.

Watch Max at work tracking guitars for the band's upcoming Party Smasher Inc. debut

Episode 1 of our in-studio series with Sweden's young, mathy masters.

They sat down with the folks at TeamRock for a track-by-track breakdown of the band’s last effort.

Ben is featured in the new entry from Fret12's series, "The Sound and the Story"

Check out guitarist Ben Weinman's physicality while recording a track off One of Us is the Killer

Converge guitarist and recordist for Kvelertak, Black Breath, and Nails talks about his career, doing it yourself, and his outlooks

Weinman & co.'s outlet will start by releasing guitar and bass cabinets.

Weinman laid down some licks on the pop songstress's The Golden Echo.

Next up will be Marty Slasher Inc, which details how to hunt and kill Marty Friedman.

I was going to go for some topical Godzilla-esque title, about Marty Crossing the Pacific to terrorize Ben in New

A look at the bridge that prevents your guitar from ever going out of tune, on a guitar owned by