GOD MOTHER Track Drums for their Boundary-Bashing Party Smasher Inc Debut

GOD MOTHER are beastly. Their upcoming Party Smasher Inc. release, Vilsledd, is an utterly relentless burst of skittish Swedish metal: a genre-bashing brew as unpredictably brutal as it is surprisingly catchy.


It’s been interesting to watch young Swedish and Norwegian bands begin to occupy the corners of the old masters, but where Kvelertak and Korrupt have the whole punk rock/black metal thing going, God Mother have basically taken spazzy, Melvinsy, HM-2-y mathcore to Pluto. The elements are familiar, but the approach and attitude is something fresh. Or, as PSI founder and Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman said, “[they’re just] that fucking good.”

Recorded at the legendary Soundtrade Studios in Sweden by Cult of Luna legend Magnus Lindberg, Vilsledd also sounds ridiculously good. It’s one of our favorite albums of the year, and we are excited to team up with the band to give you a peek into their recording process over the next few weeks. Starting with episode one, as Michael Dahlstrom tracks his ridiculously sick drum parts. Check it!

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