Dillinger Escape Plan/Snapcase/Sepultura/etc Producer Steve Evetts Want to Teach You to Record Guitars

I don’t know how you’re not a recording supergenius by now, after all of the CreativeLive music production classes so far. I mean they had Kurt Ballou spilling all his secrets. And Eyal Levi giving you the drum lowdown. And the Andrew sandwich of Andrew Glover for bass and Andrew Wade for Vocals.


You probably noticed that as of yet there’s no dedicated guitar class, and by day 2 of Kurt Ballou’s class when he got to guitars you were probably passed out and foaming from all the awesome (seriously, the Kurt course was legit). Well how about learning how to record heavy guitars from the guy who records Dillinger Escape Plan, and also with the guitarist from Dillinger Escape Plan?

Producer Steve Evetts, who has produced not just DEP but Snapcase, Sepultura, Every Time I Die, Deadguy, and countless others, has his own CreativeLive clinic, the aptly titled Studio Pass with Steve Evetts and Ben Weinman.

Getting great guitar tones is all about the details. Steve and Ben cover how to select the right guitar, strings and picks, how to choose the right head and cabinet combo, and how to get a great tone. From there, they go through the process of selecting and placing mics. Finally, they show you how to track guitars the professional way (no cutting corners— ever!) and edit the tracks so you’ve got everything you need for a flawless mix.

The course runs for two days, May 27th and 28th, from 9am – 4pm Pacific time. As usual with CreativeLive, the scheduled viewing is free, and you can register for anytime access for $79 at this location.

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