Producer Andrew Wade Wants to Show You How to Record Vocals

Even if you’re spending ten grand in the recording studio you may find yourself over budget towards the end of tracking. Or maybe you want to only spend eight grand and put the other two into buying a van. Either way, sometimes decide to track their vocalists at home even if the rest of the album is recorded in a pro studio.


And it is true, there’s less variables to screw up on the engineering end, but that doesn’t mean that you can just throw a mic up and be done with it. Yet more importantly, even if your vocals are engineered properly, you may not be getting the best performance.

Producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, etc) has a class to help you get over these hurdles. On March 17th and 18th you can watch his Recording Rock Vocals class on CreativeLive. And he’ll have Sleeping Giant vocalist Tommy Green along with him on day one, to help with the demonstrations. Head over to the CreativeLive’s website to register for the class.

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