Winds Of Plague’s Andrew Glover Wants to Teach You How to Record Bass

CreativeLIVE has been on a roll lately with some killer online recording clinics. First they had Audiohammer/Daath’s Eyal Levi to teach you about Advanced Drum Production. Then God City/Converge’s Kurt Ballou showed you pretty much everything he knew. And this Wednesday – Friday producer Jesse Cannon has a clinic on mixing everything from Rock to EDM.


But I hear you. You want less rock and more metal. And more low end. Well then perhaps an Advanced Bass Production class with Winds Of Plague‘s Andrew Glover will slap you out of your groove. You may not be aware of this, but Andrew is also the owner of Sound Temple Studio in Los Angeles, and has recorded not just Winds Of Plague but Seasons Change, Watchers and Hunters, Sleeping Giant, and more.

Bass recording is all too often overlooked in the studio process. So why not learn something about stepping up your game? As always, the classes are free to watch live, and anytime access can be purchased for a small fee. In this case $79. The class runs from Feb 24th-25th. Learn more about it and register for free here.

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  • I don’t get why those cost so much. It’s just an instructional video. Those things used to cost A LOT less, and that’s with the actual expenses of releasing them on VHS.

    • Piracy maybe? Odds are that there’s a smaller number of people still willing to pay for something like this.

    • But you can watch it live for free (which they recommend as you can ask questions and somewhat tailor the discussion for your own needs) and they also rebroadcast it after the live stream, and you can catch it later, too.

  • This guys face just doesn’t look at smart as Kurt Ballous.

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