Enjoying Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou Right Now? Watch One with Jesse Cannon Next Week

Right now, yes right now, you could be watching Kurt Ballou’s free online recording class at creativeLIVE instead of reading Gear Gods. It’s not often I’ll encourage you to end your visit to our fantastic website, but there you go. I suppose you could read our site while watching it simultaneously, so do that if you can for the best of both worlds.


Anyway, creativeLIVE does this type of thing all the time. They just had that drum production clinic with Eyal Levi, for example. Well there’s more to come in the future as well. Next week for you can spend three days with producer Jesse Cannon, who has worked with The Cure, Senses Fail, Animal Collective, and more. It’s a similar deal: watch it for free live, and if you want to pay for anytime access you can do so.

Register for the course here. It will be live February 12-14.

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