Cynic’s Sean Reinert Joins Eyal Levi’s Upcoming “Advanced Drum Production” Online Clinic

Eyal Levi, recording engineer/producer at Florida’s Audiohammer Studios, and more importantly, star of our own “Behind the Board” feature, has enlisted the sticks of Cynic’s drummer Sean Reinert. The purpose of this collaboration is Levi’s upcoming “Advanced Drum Production” web clinic at Creative Live. The class covers the entirety of metal drums: mic placement, editing, mixing, Superior Drummer, spontaneous combustion, and more.


“I’m really excited to be part of Eyal’s Advanced Drum Production class,” Sean said. “I’ve worked with him before on the Levi/Werstler album, and he’s one of the best in the business when it comes to getting great, modern drum sounds. I can’t think of anyone better to teach this class.”

The class begins on January 16th at And while we’re on that subject, Creative Live is also hosting a recording clinic with Converge/God City Studios’ Kurt Ballou, which Gear Gods is sponsoring, on February 3rd and 4th. Someone give these guys a high-five or a beer.


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