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Are you sick of gear demos from snooty gear-elitists showing off their unreasonably priced, underutilized, weekend warrior gear? Demovids are

Converge guitarist and recordist for Kvelertak, Black Breath, and Nails talks about his career, doing it yourself, and his outlooks

Courtesy of hate5six, is a GodCity-mixed, Audiosiege-mastered set from This Is Hardcore.

Once they legalize the marriage of humans and drum fills, Ben Koller's tom toms and I will be getting in

Every Time I Die converge with Kurt Ballou to make their new album

Head over to creativelive.com immediately or weep in regret.

Also, he tests out Orange Amplification's new Dual Dark 100 head in the process.

I hope you brought a big bag of cables. We're routing so many signals that we're going to need a

For those of you who want some tips from Kurt about bass tone in the studio, which I assume is

Straight from God City. If you want to up your recording game with lessons from one of loud music's most

Exclusive performance jams in less time than it takes to cook a Pop Tart.