Look, It’s the Raw Drum Tracks and Scratch Guitar to Converge’s You Fail Me

In case it’s not abundantly clear by now. We at Gear Gods love Ben Koller’s drumming a whole lot. We want to go on long walks with it on some kind of beach. A nice beach. Not these shitty East Coast beaches (sorry guys).


So to take the “in love with his drumming” metaphor two or three steps too far, now we get to experience those drums naked. Specifically, the raw drum takes from Converge’s slightly underrated* You Fail Me record have made their way online.

“This is most of the drum tracks for the songs from You Fail Me recorded at God City studio with just drums and a scratch guitar track (a deleted guitar track that doesn’t appear on the album). “In Her Shadow” and “Hanging Moon” were done at a different studio so those aren’t included. Sorry!”

Yes, you read that quote right. Not only do you get to hear the drums to You Fail Me in their highlighted glory, but there’s also a glimpse of Kurt’s scratch guitar parts. Why do we hate Mondays again?

*I don’t think Converge fan dislikes the record, but sometimes I feel like it unfairly sits in Jane Doe’s shadow along with No Heroes.

Source: The PRP

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