Playthrough Video: Meek Is Murder’s “Ashes & Glass”

Meek Is Murder have a new album, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, that’s about to be released on October 22nd. The guys have already unleashed a flurry of video content, but the hits keep on coming.


The band’s new playthrough video is for the track “Ashes & Glass.” Like most of Meek Is Murder’s material, it’s a short burner, over in a minute. You get a good gander at everyone’s performance though, with a four-way split screen view of drums/vocals/guitar/bass. Check it out.

The record was produced by Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studio, so fans of the Converge guitarist’s legendary recording fidelity are in for a treat. He reveals his long-guarded secret for putting his legs on the recording console, exactly off axis to the mixing board. It really brings out the 2nd and 5th harmonics usually hidden under the notes.

If you want more from the band’s GodCity sessions, head over to Metal Sucks where you can find an in-studio video of Meek Is Murder tracking the album with Ballou. There’s also a little dog in the video, so I’m assuming the album is a hilarious late 90’s comedy.

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