NAMM 2014: Kurt Ballou Shows Us His Own Line of Guitars: GCI

Maybe the coolest moment of NAMM for me personally is when Converge guitarist and God City Studios engineer Kurt Ballou, who by the way is hosting the free Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou clinic next week, showed off his new line of GCI guitars (it stands for God City Instruments). No, that’s not a Kurt Ballou signature guitar, it’s a guitar designed by Kurt Ballou, and he’ll be releasing them for sale to the public.


I know of a few musicians already playing “Kurt Guitars,” like Mares of Thraces’ Thérèse Lanz. Like Kurt’s recordings, his guitars seem to straddle the line between old-school aesthetics and modern power. Stay tuned, because you should be able to buy one for your own clumsy mitts shortly.

As a bonus, Kurt showed his new axe off through the new Orange Dual Dark 100 amplifier, so we got a taste of that new piece of kit as well. It’s being marketed toward the metal scene as a more versatile and louder big brother to the Dark Terror head. I’d like to try one side by side next to their existing high-gain beast, the Thunderverb 200.

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